Attorney at ​Law

Mark A. Thompson


Ad valorem tax appeals: Primarily focused on the representation of commercial land and business owners, some residential. 

Other ad valorem tax matters: tax sale issues; excess funds from tax sales; exemptions such as religious, homestead, and others; refund actions.  

Real Estate: transactions; foreclosures; lien removal; quiet title actions.

Bankruptcy representation of Creditors.

 Advisory Services.


Litigation Experience

Representation of businesses and individuals against governmental authorities, especially against county and city governments. Previously represented governmental interests.

Broad civil litigation experience: tort claims: sexual harassment; automobile and trucking personal injury cases; business litigation; real estate; suits on contracts; probate: will contests.

Experienced in handling section 1983 actions regarding governmental actors, as well as representing interests against governmental overreach.

Experience at all levels: trials and appeals.